PRO-D UPCOMING EVENTS - Summer August 27 & 28, 2019  

Click here:  August 27 & 28 BROCHURE 

2019-2020 Teacher Professional Learning Plan Form  
will be available online: under SD71 website Learn 71 - Learning Together

Two Day Sessions
NIDES CANVAS Training (2 days)   Contact: Alison.Kavaliunas@sd71.bc.ca 

Non-Violent Crisis Intervention (Full Course 9 hours)
   *must attend both sessions Aug 27 (9am-3pm) & Aug 28 (9am-1pm) 
  with Laura Miller & Dan McKee    Contact: Kim.Richards@sd71.bc.ca 

Tuesday, August 27    Full day 9-3:

Adaptive Schools seminar: Brooklyn Library;    contact Lucinda.wolters@sd71.bc.ca

Thinking Classrooms: Peter Liljedahl Vanier Rm 118/19;    contact Debbie.Nelson@sd71.bc.ca

Nurtured Heart:  Robert Atkinson; Cumberland MPR;    contact Robert.Russell-Atkinson@sd71.bc.ca

Healthy Youth Relationships: Red Cross RespectED; Queneesh Library; Shannon.Pickering@sd71.bc.ca  

Planning Your Year of Physical & Health Education: Robert McMath, Marcia Green, Denise Anderson,
      Jon Bos, Ian Craigon, Kjeryn Mollerup at Huband Elem - contact Robert.McMath@sd71.bc.ca 
Maker/ADST Hands on Learning (K-7): with Martin Hartig, Kevin Swaney
& Steve Claassen at Puntledge Park  Contact: Martin.Hartig@sd71.bc.ca 


AM 9:00-11:30

Bright Link and Smart Board: Kara Dawson; Queneesh Lab; contact kara.dawson@sd71.bc.ca

Connecting the Dots: Assessment to Instruction (Writing);  LRC meeting room; contact Carol.Walters@sd71.bc.ca

Building Bridges Through Understanding the Village:  Valley View MPR; contact Sue.Cambrey@sd71.bc.ca 

NEW- Climate Crisis Resource Share -  Highland Room 337 (Gr. 7-12) contact: Tara.Colborne@sd71.bc.ca  

PM 12:30-3

Environmental Stewardship: Brooklyn Music Room; contact Lucy.Nelson@sd71.bc.ca

The Downey/Wenjack Legacy Foundation: Valley View MPR; contact Gail.Martindale@sd71.bc.ca

Meaningful e-Portfolios: Queneesh Lab; contact Kara.Dawson@sd71.bc.ca

Connecting the Dots: Assessment to Instruction (Reading):  LRC meeting room; contact Carol.Walters@sd71.bc.ca


Wednesday, August 28    Full Day: 9-3 

Adaptive Schools Seminar (day 2)

Beyond the Poster on the Wall: First Peoples Principles of Learning: 
Jo Chrona (FNESC); Valley View MPR; contact Jacquie pd71@bctf.ca

ACEs and Trauma: Building Resilience and Compassion in the Classroom: Cumberland MPR; contact Sarah.Dakin@sd71.bc.ca

Courtenay Fish and Game Club: Orientation and Nature Based Activities contact Serina.Allison@sd71.bc.ca

Competency Based IEPs: Valley View Library; contacTracy.Pederson@sd71.bc.ca

Arguing Constructively in Math Class: David Wees; Queneesh Library; contact Jacquie at pd71@bctf.ca 
Art of Nature Connection: Renee Baron; meet outside Puntledge School: contact dv8education@gmail.com



AM 9:00-11:30

Office 365 OneNote and Teams for Beginners: Queneesh lab; contact Kara.Dawson@sd71.bc.ca

Getting the Most out of MyEd: Vanier rm 121; contact Julie.shields@sd71.bc.ca

Seeing Dots: Primary Math; Carol Norris; Queneesh Rm#146 ; contact Carol.Norris@sd71.bc.ca

Johnny Sit: Operant Conditioning and Classroom Management: Isfeld; contact Larry.Green@sd71.bc.ca

Where Does it Go? an Inquiry into Waste: Airport Library; contact Myra.Wilson@sd71.bc.ca 
LRC drop-in   Contact joan.pearce@sd71.bc.ca 
Communication Device Orientation and Hands-On for LSTs: Student Services  Contact:  Jennie.rankin@sd71.bc.ca 

Competency-driven Curriculum: Repurposing the Means and Ends at Vanier Rm# 114 Contact: Doug.David@sd71.bc.ca 

PM 12:30-3:00

Secondary English Conversations: Vanier; Megan Haut, Toril Turner and Amber MacLeod; contact: Amber.Macleod@sd71.bc.ca

ADST and Coding Kits: Queneesh lab; contact Kara.Dawson@sd71.bc.ca

Environmental Education Kits:  Glacier View LRC meeting room; contact Tina at willstepcoaching@shaw.ca

**New Teacher Orientation**: For all new teachers (2 years or less) Glacierview Gym; contact Jacquie at pd71@bctf.ca
Communication Device Orientation and Hands-On for Classroom Teachers: Student Services  Contact:  Jennie.rankin@sd71.bc.ca  


Christina Tondevold's "Build Math Minds" Pre-k to Grade 5 Online Math Conference
- a great way to use your Pro-D time this summer
- many of our Comox Valley teachers participated in last years VIRTUAL MATH summit and would highly recommend this format.


Ongoing: Graduate Studies - Learn Online at VIU  

 OLTD is a great match for your teaching staff wishing to pursue graduate studies online and integrate blended learning and a technology-enhanced delivery model into their daily practice. Our program brochure is linked above.

 Ongoing:   UVic Online Pro-D Courses for Teachers 

Ongoing:     UBC-Faculty of Ed Graduate Programs 

Ongoing: Elementary-HeartSmart Kids Prog - HSD educator www.hskids.ca to register

          Online registration/enquiries www.4children.ca